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Summer in the city

You can do several things in the heat of the summer. A cool activity was offered by Al Darwish Trading Co., our dealer in Qatar together with the Putzmeister Academy. The seducing offer to participate in a training for concrete pump operators in an air conditioned environment was well appreciated and so almost 40 customers crabbed the chance to learn more about the machinery they work every day with. But it was not only sitting there and enjoying the day. The participants also had to be an active part and were asked to work out solutions in small groups discussing and sharing their experiences. An important part of the lectures was given at the machine. To avoid afternoon highs of around 45° C this practical part was done in the morning. Even the shadow of the boom package was welcome.

Doha is another booming town at the Persian gulf. It will be host of the Asian Games in December this year. Extensive construction activities have been undertaken to prepare a perfect environment for the games. The pearl Qatar, a manmade island just off the Doha coast, is under construction. Completely new neighbourhoods are being built. More than 300 buildings with 30 to 40 floors are planned. The skyline of Doha is changing rapidly. Putzmeister together with its customers and partners helps to create the new face of this town giving people work and new perspectives.



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